Milk & Honey Floral Bath Soak

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Milk & Honey Floral Bath Soak Got milk? That’s a question you might find yourself asking this year as you update your beauty routine and make milk a major part of your bath time routine.

Each jar is good for 1-2 baths depending on your bath preferences. Fill bath with water and add milk bath. Soak in tub for 20-30 minutes to get the full benefits. When getting out use a bath strainer to prevent clogs from flowers. Alternatively you could pour the salts into a disposable or reusable tea bag.

Made with Quality Flowers, Salts, and essential oils. Weighs 4oz

Do not use if you have allergies or sensitivity to any ingredients.


Powdered Whole Milk

Epsom salt 

Powdered Honey

Rose Petals

Calendula Petals 

Lavender Buds 

Hibiscus Powder