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Our natural, made to order whipped body butter and sugar scrubs are enriched with hydrating oils, shea butter, and cocoa butter, making this an amazing skin healer! This non greasy formula has a light weight, mousse-like consistency that quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving it soft and supple!

This luxurious scent is crisp and clean, and inspired by pure white cotton flowing in fresh ocean air. The fragrance is fresh and feels as if one is on the beach. Paraben and preservative free. This is a concentrated body butter and it is extremely nourishing to the skin and a little will go a long way. There is no water, fillers, emulsifiers, thickeners, or preservatives.

Scent Notes: citrus, orange blossom, muguet, vanilla, musk, and sandalwood 

Ingredients - Fractionated coconut oil, Cold pressed refined sweet almond oil, Naturally refined yellow beeswax, Organic shea butter, Cold pressed unrefined cocoa butter, Vitamin E oil, Organic Olive Oil, fragrance, and skin-safe coloring

- NO chemicals - All natural ingredients - Cruelty free - NO Parabens

*FRIENDLY REMINDER* Keep your products in a cool place out of direct sunlight. The oils will soften/melt if exposed to high temperatures. Melting does not effect the quality of the body butter. If this happens, we recommend you place it in the refrigerator until solid again, then use as you normally would. Shelf life of body butter is 1 year Shelf life of sugar scrub is 6 months